Video: Man Jumps Barrier, Runs Towards King Charles’s Car, Arrested

The man was handcuffed and led by a team of cops toward a police van.

New Delhi:

A man was arrested for jumping a barrier and running towards King Charles III’s car on its way to Buckingham Palace on Saturday.

Videos of the incident, that went viral on social media, show police officers immediately tackling the man before taking him away. The man was handcuffed and led by a team of cops toward a police van.

“An arrest has been made after a man ran onto the Mall, breaching the barrier in place. The incident was contained immediately by officers and the man is in police custody,” said a police spokesperson, as quoted by MailOnline. 

As soon as the man was tackled to the ground, a cheer went up from hundreds of people waiting on the side of the road to catch a glimpse of King Charles III’s vehicle on its way to Buckingham Palace. 

Footage of the incident was met with mixed responses on social media.

“Was probably just trying to cross the road I’m there and was a bit of a nightmare at that stage if you wanted to get somewhere as you was [sic] trapped in,” commented one person on Twitter.

“Interesting, I wonder what he was arrested under?” wrote another.

“Don’t trust anybody that still wears spray on jeans in 2022,” tweeted one person.

Charles III was officially proclaimed king at a somber ceremony on Saturday as the grieving royal family revealed the detailed plans for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II who died, aged 96, on 8 September.

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