No private jets or copters, world leaders told to take bus for queen’s funeral: Report – Times of India

LONDON: Britain’s government said Monday that travel plans for foreign leaders and their spouses to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral “will vary” by country, following a report they will have to take special buses.
“Arrangements for different leaders will vary depending on things like security risks, so we are providing guidance and information through embassies,” PM Liz Truss’ spokesman told reporters. It follows news website Politico reporting that attendees have been told to take commercial flights and escorted private buses to reach the September 19 service at London’s Westminster Abbey. As well as being told not to use their own vehicles to reach the country’s first state funeral in nearly six decades, they have also been advised against travelling over London by helicopter, the website said. Instead, they will be transported by the buses to the abbey from a site in west London, Politico reported, citing an official protocol message sent to foreign embassies.
“Tight security and road restrictions” were cited by Politico as the reasons, but the purported stipulations have raised eyebrows, with one London-based foreign ambassador telling Politico: “Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?” Asked about the report and US President Biden’s plans, the PM’s spokesman added: “That would be a question for the US and how they prefer the president to travel and I think that’s fairly well documented”. The US embassy did not respond to arequest for comment. Around 500 foreign dignitaries are expected to attend the landmark event, as officials mount “a huge-scale operation”, a source at the foreign commonwealth and development office said.
“The logistics have been meticulously planned to try to make it as smooth as possible for those attending,” the source added. The state funeral, the first since that of former PM Winston Churchill in 1965, will be one of the biggest security and logistical operations Britain has ever staged. King Charles III will reportedly host a reception at Buckingham Palace for the leaders on the eve of the funeral.

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