Liz Truss promises to fix energy crisis and grow UK economy in first speech as UK PM – Times of India

LONDON: Liz Truss made her first speech as UK prime minister on Tuesday outside No 10 — in front of a cheering but drenched group of Conservative MPs and the world’s media — following a sudden downpour after she had been appointed to the position by the Queen at Balmoral Castle.
Making the speech in front of the famous black door, she said her early priorities as PM were to deliver a bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reform in order to reward hard work and boost business-led growth and investment. She said she would make sure people were not not facing unaffordable energy bills and that she would deal with the energy crisis “caused by Putin’s war” and secure the UK’s future energy supplies. She also promised to build hospitals, schools, roads and broadband, and make sure people could get doctors’ appointments and the NHS services they need.
The speech was a stark contrast to Johnson’s bombastic humorous rhetoric at 7.30 am when, in his farewell speech, before flying to Balmoral to hand in his resignation to the Queen, he called himself a “booster rocket” that was about to splash into the ocean.
In stark contrast to his confidence and swagger, she came across as rigid, awkward, nervous and serious. But whilst her delivery lacked his polish and humour, the content was likely to appeal to her party base.
“History will see him as a hugely consequential prime minister,” she said of Johnson. “I am honoured to take on this responsibility at a vital time for our country. What makes the UK great is our fundamental belief in freedom, enterprise and fair play. We now face severe global headwinds caused by Russia’s appalling war in Ukraine and the aftermath of Covid. Now is the time to tackle the issues holding Britain back. We need to build roads, homes and broadband faster and we need more investment and great jobs. We will transform Britain into an aspiration nation with high paying jobs, safe streets and where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve. United with our allies, we will stand up for freedom and democracy around the world recognising we can’t have security at home without having security abroad,” she said.
She concluded saying: “As strong as the storm may be, I know the British people are stronger. We have huge reserves of talent, energy and determination. I am confident together we can ride out the storm and rebuild our economy and become the modern brilliant Britain I know we can be.” She then posed for a photo with her husband at her new official residence.
The Queen had received Liz Truss in her Scottish residence, Balmoral, just after midday, to formalise her new position as PM after receiving Johnson’s resignation.
A spokesperson for the royal family said: “Her Majesty asked her to form a new administration. Ms Truss accepted Her Majesty’s offer and was appointed Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.”
The Queen, dressed in a tartan skirt and holding a walking stick, could be seen smiling and shaking hands with Truss in photos.
Signalling he plans to return to the grassroots, and has no intention of relocating to California, as some speculated, Rishi Sunak on Tuesday morning, the day he could have been PM, turned up at a Westminster Hall debate on unavoidably small hospitals, which barely any MPs attended, saying he hadn’t planned on speaking but he had more time on his hands than he anticipated.

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