Jaishankar raises violence towards Indian diaspora in Britain with UK foreign secretary – Times of India

NEW YORK: Minister for external affairs S Jaishankar has raised the ongoing violence against the Indian community in Britain at a meeting with UK foreign secretary Jamese Cleverly whilst at the UN General Assembly in New York.
Dr Jaishankar tweeted: “Shared my concern about the security and welfare of the Indian community in UK. Welcomed his assurances in that regard.”
The Indian community in Britain has been left alarmed and petrified, particularly those living in Leicester and Birmingham, following continual violence for the past three weeks between Hindus and Muslims in both cities, with Hindu places of worship and symbols vandalised. In Leicester, Hindus and Muslims have been involved in several clashes, causing many injuries.
The UK and India are hoping to arrive at a free trade deal by Diwali and India is also an important ally to Britain in its attempt to thwart China’s power and build up a defence partnership in the Indo-Pacific. The concerns raised will not be taken lightly.

Jaishankar, in his tweet, described the conversation with Cleverly, recently appointed to the role by UK PM Liz Truss, as “warm.” He said: “Discussed taking forward Roadmap 2030,” referring to the goals both countries have set for their bilateral relationship by then. “Appreciate his commitment to deepening our partnership. Our conversation also covered global issues including Indo-Pacific, Ukraine and UNSC matters.”
The tweet was warmly received on Twitter. One Twitter handle called Missmanaged, described as an Indo-Scottish Hindu in the UK, replied: “UK is hostile for Hindus. Things are bleak. Gives us hope when our country reminds us we are not forgotten.”
The Hindu Council UK said: “Hindu council U.K. are deeply concerned with the acts of violence in Leicester over the weekend. We condemn damages to Hindu temples which are a place of worship and should not be disrespected.”
A mob of over 200 threw bottles and fireworks when they descended on the Durga Bhawan Hindu Centre in Smethwick on Tuesday night, intimidating the Hindu congregation. A temple flag saying ‘Aum’ was torn down from the Leicestershire Brahma Samaj Shivalaya on Belgrave Road on Saturday as large groups of young men rampaged through the streets with weapons. Flags have also been removed from outside Hindu homes in Leicester, where Hindus have been involved in various street clashes with Muslims.
Vishva Hindu Parishad has written to UK PM Liz Truss asking her to urgently take action against the continued violence towards Hindus in Leicester saying that several Hindus have been assaulted, with some admitted to hospital, numerous Hindu places of worship have been desecrated, many Hindu properties have been vandalised and Hindus are being terrorised.

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