It’s impressive former UK finance minister Rishi got over 40% of vote: PIO Tory councillor – Times of India

LONDON: Anger exploded in some Indian diaspora WhatsApp groups over former finance minister Rishi Sunak’s loss in the Tory leadership race, with members saying the results demonstrated racism in the UK. But Indian-origin Conservative councillor Aarien Areti said such views were not held among PIO Tory party members. “It’s quite impressive that Rishi got more than 40% of the vote. It is a clear victory for the party that someone of ethnic heritage rose to such a position. It has nothing to do with racism. After speaking to a lot of members, especially former PM Boris Johnson fans, they thought Rishi had back-stabbed Boris, so they voted for Liz Truss …”
Areti added that while a majority of the Indian-origin party members rooted for Sunak, a small number had voted for Truss as she had promised to review IR35 tax rules, which impact Indian contractors.
Tory councillor Raj Singh said: “Sunak fought a good battle and got the ethnic minorities closer to breaking the glass ceiling than ever before. It is a historic milestone in British politics and proves the Conservative party is a party of equal opportunity and for all.” He added: “Truss is also good news for India-UK relationship, and she is pro-business and committed to deepening ties with India.”
“Sunak will be disappointed to lose this election, in perhaps the first setback of his career,” said Sunder Katwala, director of thinktank British Future. “His creditable 43% vote share – closer than the polls predicted – suggest that timing was everything. If Johnson had resigned in January, it seems to me very likely that Sunak would now be heading to 10 Downing Street as our first British Indian PM. The damage done to his standing by the shifting economy, rising taxes and questions about his wife’s tax status have made him runner-up. Many British Indians feel he was the more capable of the two candidates …”

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