Iranian whose ‘hair tying’ video went viral killed – Times of India

TEHRAN: Hadis Najafi, a young Iranian woman, whose video of tying her unscarved hair back and stepping into the middle of a protest went viral, was allegedly shot dead in the country, according to reports.
A video of her funeral has also gone viral, which shows people weeping over her photo. According to reports, she was shot about six times in the abdomen, neck, heart and hand. Deadly unrest has rocked Iran for over a week. The nationwide unrest began after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in police custody over a violation of Iran’s strict religious dress code.
Hundreds of people also protested in London this weekend over the death of Amini.
Medical evidence shows the young woman from the Iranian province of Kurdistan suffered several violent blows to the head, which put her into a coma. However, Iran’s authorities claim she “suffered a sudden heart attack”, reported Euronews.
Iran made the wearing ofhijabs mandatory following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
The policy is largely unpopular, with Iranian women commonly wearing the headscarf loosely. Some 35 people have been killed since protests broke out in Iran last week. The vast majority of these deaths have come from security forces violently suppressing demonstrators, using live ammunition in some cases.

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