Intelligence on foreign government’s N-powers seized from Trump home: Report – Times of India

WASHINGTON : A document describing a foreign government’s military defences, including its nuclear capabilities, was found in the FBI’s search last month of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The Post report, which cited people familiar with the matter, did not identify the foreign government discussed in the document, nor did it indicate whether the foreign government was friendly or hostile to the US.
According to the Post, such documents require spe-cial clearances on a need-toknow basis, rather than a generic top-secret clearance. Some of the documents are so restricted that even some of the Biden administration’s senior-most national security officials were not authorized to review them, the Post said. There were no details, however, as to where in the residence, which also serves as a private members club, the highly sensitive material was found, or under what type of security.
An FBI spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Trump representatives did not immediately respondto requests for comment. The FBI recovered more than 11,000 government documents and photographs during its August 8 search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, according to court records.
The US justice separtment is investigating Trump for removing government records from the White House after he departed in January 2021 and storing them at Mara-Lago. On Monday, a federal judge agreed to Trump’s request to appoint a special master to review records seized in the FBI search, a move that is likely to delay the justice department’s criminal investigation.

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