Beware Of Fake IT Job Offers In Thailand, Government Says

The target groups are IT skilled youth who are duped in the name of lucrative data entry jobs, it said.

New Delhi:

Following reports of fake job rackets luring Indian IT professionals to Thailand and Myanmar, the Centre today issued an advisory on lucrative job offers to entice Indian youths for the posts of ‘Digital Sales and Marketing Executives’ in Thailand by dubious IT firms involved in call-centre scam and cryptocurrency fraud.

Two days back, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had also asked Indian nationals to exercise extreme caution before taking up jobs in Thailand after dozens of Indians were illegally brought into Myanmar as part of the employment racket.

“And that area you know is difficult to access due to the local security situation. Nevertheless, thanks to our mission in the country, we have been able to facilitate the rescue of some of these victims from captivity or forced labour, and we are trying to help others,” he had said.

The official advisory today said the target groups are IT skilled youth who are duped in the name of lucrative data entry jobs in Thailand through social media advertisements as well as by Dubai and India based agents.

The victims are reportedly taken across the border illegally, mostly into Myanmar, and held captive to work under harsh conditions, the foreign ministry advisory said.

The government advised Indian nationals not to get trapped in such fake job offers being floated through social media platforms or other sources. 

“Before travelling on tourist/visit visa for employment purposes, Indian nationals are advised to check/verify credentials of foreign employers through concerned Missions abroad, and antecedents of recruiting agents as well as any company before taking up any job offer,” it said.

Earlier, the Indian Embassy in Myanmar’s Yangon released an advisory. It had cautioned about the companies engaged in digital scamming activities located in remote eastern border areas of Myanmar.

On a question about the specific number of Indian caught in Myanmar, the MEA spokesperson had said, “This is difficult to say. 32 people have certainly been rescued and helped out of the place. I don’t have an exact number. Maybe 80 to 90 people are there.”

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