UK pledges 245 million euros to boost Ukraine’s artillery reserves | World News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The British government has announced a defense package worth 245 million euros ($311 million) to assist in the production of urgently needed artillery ammunition for Ukraine, two years after the outbreak of war with Russia.
UK ‘s Defense Secretary Grant Shapps acknowledged the remarkable efforts of Ukraine’s armed forces in recapturing large portions of land seized by Russia during its invasion in 2022.However, he emphasized that Ukraine cannot win this fight without the support of the international community.
“That’s why we continue to do what it takes to ensure Ukraine can continue to fight towards victory,” Shapps said.
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that the new funding will be utilized to procure and strengthen supply chains for the production of urgently needed artillery ammunition, which will enhance Ukraine’s reserves.
The MoD also highlighted Ukraine’s highly effective use of artillery, which has played a critical role in degrading Russia’s forces and preventing significant breakthroughs.
In addition to the defense package, the UK has delivered an extra 200 Brimstone anti-tank missiles, bringing the total number to over 1,300. Furthermore, the United Kingdom will co-lead an international coalition that will supply thousands of drones to Ukraine.
While the exact number of military casualties in Ukraine remains undisclosed, it is estimated by US officials that approximately 70,000 soldiers have been killed and 120,000 others injured. While losses on the Russian side are heavy, Moscow has managed to replenish its ranks through coercion, financial incentives, and a larger population.
The British government has also pledged 8.5 million euros in humanitarian funding to the Red Cross Movement and the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.
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