Zarina Wahab: Sooraj Pancholi is innocent and Rabia Khan knows it – Exclusive – Times of India

Yesterday a Court order was published which criticized late actress Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan for misusing the judicial machinery. The order stated that Rabia was trying to protract the trial by repeatedly filing applications in various courts despite the fact that the CBI had submitted a report confirming that Jiah’s death was by suicide and not homicide, as alleged by Rabia. In light of this order, ETimes reached out to the main accused, Sooraj Pancholi’s mother Zarina Wahab. Here is the conversation that took place…

How do you react to the Court order criticizing Rabia Khan’s applications in the Jiah Khan case?

The case has been getting delayed for 9 years. She (Rabia) is not in India. Our sympathy is with her that she lost her daughter. But this is not the way – what she has been doing to the kids. We have to eventually face God. She should understand. Sometimes people try to blame someone else to hide their own mistakes. This could have happened 9 years ago. She has been delaying the judgment intentionally.

What do you have to say to Jiah Khan’s mother?
What can I say? Our sympathies are with her. She knows the truth. She should come out of it and not punish an innocent child. She knows from the beginning that it is not Sooraj’s fault. In spite of that she is doing all this. Anyway, may God give strength to her as well as to us. She lost her daughter and we feel very bad about that. Even I would have felt bad if something like that had happened to me. But a person must know what is right and what is wrong. Everything is clear. Whenever the Court comes to the point of passing the verdict, Rabia is not in India at the time.

Everyone does something right or wrong. But making an innocent boy look like a villain in people’s eyes is not correct. Sooraj will find good work if it is in his destiny but this is not the way to call someone guilty when he is innocent.

How is Sooraj feeling after the recent Court order?

How would he feel? He’s hopeful because he is not guilty at all. Everyone in the industry knows that. Anyway, may God keep Rabia happy and keep us also away from trouble.

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