Video: Facing Power Cut, UP Doctors Treat Patients Using Mobile Torch

The doctor examining a patient under mobile torch light

A hospital in Uttar Pradesh district was plunged into darkness on Saturday, but then the doctors went about examining patients under mobile torch lights, showed videos.

The hospital in Balia district suffered a power cut after heavy rain yesterday and patients, say reports, were being treated under mobile torch lights for more than an hour.

Several people are seen crowding a woman on a stretcher, while one person is holding up a mobile phone to shine light as a doctor examines her, showed one of the videos.

In other images, patients are seen sitting in pitch darkness.

“There was a disturbance for 15-20 minutes as we were getting the batteries for the generator,” said Dr RD Ram, orthopedic surgeon and chief in charge at the district hospital, explaining what happened.

He claimed that the hospital has a generator for back up but that it took time to get the batteries.

Asked why the generator was without the battery, he said, “There is always the fear of the batteries getting stolen. Hence they are removed.”

There has been no comment from the state government as yet on the incident.

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