Man Stands At The Edge Of A Lava Ocean In Hair-Raising Video, Internet Stumped

Social media users were left appalled after watching the video

Volcanoes are one of nature’s most fascinating and scary phenomena. The internet is splashed with several videos showcasing volcanic eruptions, which are both terrifying and intriguing to watch. Speaking of which, a jaw-dropping video has surfaced on Twitter showing a man standing at the edge of what looks like a “lava ocean”. Notably, lava lakes or oceans are large volumes of molten or solidified lava in volcanic craters or depressions. 

The video was shared on a Twitter account called OddIy Terrifying, with a caption that reads, ”What it looks like at the edge of a lava ocean.” In the video, a man is seen slowly nearing a platform’s edge, while wearing just a helmet, as huge waves of lava splash against the rock. Further in the video, he goes even closer to the edge, while holding a walkie-talkie in his hand. It can be assumed from his actions that he is probably a site inspector or an explorer.

Watch the video here:

Social media users were left appalled and concerned after watching the video, and many questioned how the man was able to go so close to the lava ocean, without full-fledged protective gear. Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered more than 20 lakh views, 5433 retweets, and more than 56,000 likes. 

One user wrote, ”I will never like to stand that much close enough infront of lava ocean.” A second user commented, ”That shit would have to be so hot, holy hell. I’ve climbed a volcano and stood relatively close to a small amount lava and that shit was boiling. How is he not in proper heat protection gear?” A third wrote, ” Bruhhh this people ain’t scared ? What if the rock break or cut open I mean for what reason would you go close to this for without an helmet.”

Some users thought that the video is fake. A third wrote, ”Fake. Even dark lava is too hot to be around, simply from the radiation it emits. There is no way someone can just be standing next to a pool of free-flowing, white-hot lava without suffering immediate burns. This is not Lord of the Rings, people!” 

Recently, another fascinating video surfaced on Twitter, demonstrating an experiment involving throwing a 30-kilogram bundle of organic waste (which is similar to human physiology and will elicit the same response) into Erta Ale, an active volcano in Ethiopia, to simulate what happens if a human falls into it.

The video showed that the first layer of solidified ash that formed over the molten lava broke and submerged the organic matter as it entered the lava lake. Then the lava fountain bubbles were seen and they grow in response to the breakage.

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