Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 update, September 11: Tushar Kalia beats Faisal Shaikh, becomes the first finalist – Times of India

In the latest episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, Rohit Shetty reminds the contestants that it is the ‘Ticket to Finale’ week. Since Rubina Dilaik and Mohit Malik were out of the race, the remaining six contestants – Nishant Bhat, Rajiv Adatia, Tushar Kalia, Kanika Mann, Faisail Shaikh and Jannat Zubair – are required to compete and save themselves from performing any stunt the next week.

It is Rajiv and Kanika who start the stunt together. They do pretty well. Since Jannat is unwell, Mohit decides to pair up with Nishant and perform the stunt on her behalf. They manage to complete it successfully. It is the same for Faisal and Tushar. However, the longest time taken to complete the task is by Kanika and Rajiv. They are declared to be out of the race. Nishant, Jannat, Tushar and Faisu get qualified to play the next stunt.

Next Nishant and Mohit are paired together and Tushar is Faisal’s partner. The stunt requires them to be on moving trucks and transfer the rings which are yellow, blue and red in colour with the help of a swing. The difficult bit is that the trucks won’t move next to each other and the task has to be completed by the time the truck reaches the finish line. Tushar-Faisu and Nishant-Mohit both perform well. But in the end, it is learnt that Nishant-Mohit transferred 11 rings while Tushar-Faisu transferred 15 rings.

Hence, the last stunt is performed by Tushar and Faisu. It would make the winner the first finalist. The task requires them to ride a car, stop at a mark, collect the belt from the car, climb the tower, crawl on the poles, tick the flags from the belt and light the flare. In the last bit, they have to reach the edge of the tower, jump from there and catch the net. While both complete the task, it is Tushar who does it in less time, becoming the first finalist of the game.

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