Coronavirus: Post-COVID there can be complications in brain, says AIIMS doctor; know about the ‘FAST’ stroke test | The Times of India

Post-COVID there is a risk of complications in the brain, Professor P Srivastava, Head Department of Neurology, AIIMS Delhi has said. “Post-Covid, there can be a development of complications in the brain, there are immediate acute situations like brain attack or stroke in arteries/veins, brain inflammation, research underway, no black & white picture yet,” Professor Srivatsava told news agency ANI.

The effect of COVID on the brain is not unknown to us. Ever since, health experts found the non-respiratory effects of the infection, COVID is being seen under a different lens. The infection is not just limited to the respiratory tract; it affects major body organs as well. What is more serious is that there is a long term burden of COVID too. COVID does not stop after the incubation period of the coronavirus, it continues to linger in some people for weeks, months and even years later.

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