Bengaluru’s Day 3 Of Flooding – Power Cuts, Water Supply Hit: 5 Points

Bengaluru Rain: Flooding for the 2nd time in a week has brought into focus unplanned urbanisation

Several areas of Bengaluru remain waterlogged following heavy rainfall that has bared the damage caused by unplanned development in the rapidly growing city.

Here are 5 latest developments on this big story

  1. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai blamed the previous JDS-Congress government in the state for the situation. “This happened because of the unplanned administration of the previous Congress government. They gave permission right, left and centre in the lakes and buffer zone,” the chief minister said, according to news agency ANI. 

  2. The Chief Minister yesterday said the state government had decided to release Rs 300 crore to tackle the emergency situation. An additional Rs 300 crore has been earmarked for other flood-affected districts.

  3. The waterlogging continued to affect traffic movement in several areas of the city. Several people were seen using tractors to make their way through the inundated roads.

  4. Powers cuts have been reported in several areas. Water supply to some localities has been disrupted after a pumphouse in Mandya was flooded. The Chief Minister has said the pumphouse is being cleaned. He said 8,000 borewells would supply water in affected areas. In areas with no borewells, water will be supplied through tankers.

  5. The flooding of the mega IT hub for the second time in a week has brought into focus the consequences of unplanned urbanisation. The Bengaluru civic body has identified encroachment on 500 storm water drains that have now left the city choking in water.

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