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YouTube will now allow users to comment on music videos that are automatically generated. The change has been brought for both YouTube mobile apps and desktop client. The ability to comment on such videos, called “Art Tracks” has been re-enabled after a pause of two years. The change was noticed by some users in the past few weeks.
What are “Art Tracks”?
“Art Tracks” are automatically generated music/song videos. They consist of “the sound recording and the album art” to “ensure that YouTube has a complete music catalogue and appears in album playlists and in search results.”
Comments enabled only on official channels
As per a YouTube help page, you “can have comments shown on Art Tracks on your official channel.” They just have to go to Settings > Channel status and features > Community > Defaults to enable comments.
Official Artist Channels in YouTube Studio can make changes in settings to “Allow all comments” or “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.” Creators will be able to select “Remove” next to a comment on their Art Track to hide the comment.

The default for comments is set to off “if the primary artist doesn’t have an Official Artist Channel.”
Why comments are turned off on some YouTube videos
You may have seen a caption on multiple YouTube videos that says “Comments are turned off.” There may be a lot of reasons for this.

Creators may have chosen to “Disable comments”, or YouTube may have turned off comments on some videos for safety reasons, like to protect minors.
In case a creator has shared a video in a Community post, then the video’s comments have been turned off either by the creator or YouTube. Learn more about Community posts. A creator may have turned the comments off if a video is shared in a Community post.

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