World Tourism Day: 5 things to look for in your travel camera – Times of India

Arun Babu, General Manager, EID, Optical Devices and Instax Division, Fujifilm India
Cameras and travel go hand in hand; they unquestionably complement one another. Making memories will be at the top of your list if you are traveling to a place you have never been before, whether you are doing so alone, with family, or with friends. Cameras enable us to preserve those memories for a lifetime. Finding photos from a past vacation and being able to relive the experience is such a tender and comforting feeling.
Having a dependable camera is an essential tool to capture the finest pictures of the moments we share with our loved ones while on a trip. As we all desire to grace our social media we forge upon capturing the best pictures and get our social media on fire. Here are a few features to look out while choosing a camera for your travel.
While traveling, you are already jammed with the burden of the luggage. A camera that is bulky, heavy makes it a challenge to carry and use when the perfect opportunity strikes to capture an image. Such cameras can add stress to our trips, leading to discomfort when they are exploring destinations. A camera that seamlessly moves “with you” allows you to be freer with your hands and not have to worry about that extra item you need to carry.
LensWell, you are rejuvenated by the landscape around you, clicking the moments and the serenity of nature. But, among all the travel buffs there is always photography passionate. Here is when the role of the camera lens might seem like a benefit to you. Better, can’t afford to miss this usage. This can be sorted out with choosing a camera which allows you with the feature of interchangeable lens to resolve the purpose of adaptability and versatility effortlessly. The purpose of achieving breathtaking photography is made possible by the camera’s body; the lens determines how your experience can turn around.
Be it any destination, you are visiting a beach, mountain or sanctuary. And when you have to record your fun moments in a jiffy with crystal clear resolutions without any blackouts. Bowing over every special exciting travel activity like zip-lining, parachute gliding. For this you should bark upon the camera which can bestow you with the ability to capture the fast-moving objects with superiority. Today’s age professional cameras are specifically designed with an objective to provide this advantage.
Camera StorageImagine, traveling to your favorite spot, you are amidst the surreal winds and have absolute jaunty moments to capture. But suddenly we are encountered by the unforeseen situation where our camera’s SD card is running out of storage. We certainly don’t want such a nightmare to be a part of our trips. For this, it is essential to choose a camera with a high-capacity SD card that is designed specifically for all the photogenic people. Planning to hatch onto the best travel camera either DSLR or Point-And-Shoot Cameras, an ideal memory card capable to carry your unlimited memories should be 500 kb/s to 1000 Kb/s.
A dependable camera that produces striking images without a lot of camera know-how enables travelers to enjoy their time making memories, rather than studying a user-manual at great length. The ease of use is one of many features those regular consumers look for when buying a camera to bring on a much-anticipated trip. Since multi-functional digital cameras are constantly improving, they now have much smaller and more potent zoom lenses than their forebears.

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