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The British game studio which is also a part of the Xbox Game Studios has cited “to ensure quality and avoid crunch,” as the reason for this delay. Image Credit — Rare Limited

Rare Limited has recently updated its blog post on the official Sea of Thieves website to announce that the seventh season of the game will be “slightly delayed.” The British game studio which is also a part of the Xbox Game Studios has cited “to ensure quality and avoid crunch,” as the reason for this delay. Originally, the game was scheduled to release on July 21 and now the developers have pushed the launch date to August 4.
Reason for the delay in the release date
Joe Neate, the executive producer has used the blog post to explain that the nature of updates in season 7 is quite challenging which means that “there is a lot of hidden work to be done in the background” and that the “vast range of new stats to track requires a complex partnership across our Game, UI and Services teams to bring it to life.”
Neate has also added, “As we started getting closer to the originally stated release date, it became apparent that things were coming in hotter than we liked and there was a real risk of not delivering to the quality and polish we expect, as well as putting undue pressure across the team to get it all over the line.”
Moreover, Neate even acknowledged that season 6 “has been a long one” as it started in March 2022. He writes, “We understand this will be disappointing for those of you who are eagerly awaiting this update and we appreciate your patience with this change.”
He also added that the decision for delaying the release date of the upcoming season was right as the developers want, “to deliver the best experience” for users while ensuring that they continue to operate with a “healthy and sustainable approach.”
Sea of Thieves season 7: Availability
Sea of Thieves will be offered for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC players along with being currently available on the Xbox Game Pass.
Sea of Thieves season 7: What to expect
Sea of Thieves season 7 is expected to add some major new features to the game that was previously teased during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June. The most notable feature is the ‘Captaincy’ feature which will allow players to become full-fledged captains of their ships.
Players will be allowed to — buying the vessel, name it and customise it to suit their preferences. According to a report by TechRadar, Sea of Thieves season 7 will allow users to access “any kind of persistent ship-ownership system” in the game for the first time.
On August 18, the upcoming season is also likely to bring the game’s next story-driven Adventure “A Hunter’s Cry”. This is going to be the sixth adventure for the game, however, the developers have not revealed much about it yet and more information is expected to be shared in the coming days.
Source: https://www.seaofthieves.com/news/season-seven-update


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