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Samsung has a new idea to promote work-life balance: A mouse that runs away if you over work. As it’s clear by now, the idea of the mouse is to promote a better work environment, by making workers stick to office hours.
Sadly, it is still in concept stages. Samsung Korea shared a video of the same on its YouTube page. In the video, a young man is seen working in the office, presumably long after office hours are over. As he is working and goes for the mouse, it runs away. The computer mouse from Samsung looks and functions much like a genuine mouse. It has Samsung Balance Mouse written on the box, it is not clear if that is the name of the mouse.
Here’s the video shared on Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel.

[밸런스 메이커]잡아보세요 당신의 워라밸_밸런스 마우스편

The video reportedly explains that you are mistaken if you believe you can simply grab the mouse as it tries to flee. The man tries hard to catch the mouse, but it keeps running away. Finally when he is able to get hold of the mouse, the wheels separate from and its central component ejects. The man is left with only the upper shell of the mouse, which will obviously not be able to work alone.
Improving the work-life balance in Korea is said to be the key aim behind the design of the Balance mouse. In the video, Samsung claims that most office workers are reluctant to leave early. People are constantly under enormous pressure to finish their unfinished business before leaving the office. They occasionally have a lot of extra work to do. It further adds that the device will address the issue of overworking. The video encourages people to enjoy their lives outside of work. In the end, the young man is seen enjoying knitting sitting near a window in his home.

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