Watch: CEO Sundar Pichai likely wearing Google’s rival to Apple Watch – Times of India

Google CEO Sundar Pichai may have teased the Pixel Watch during an event he attended on September 6. Pichai appeared on Vox Media’s 2022 Code Conference for an interview and he was seen wearing a smartwatch with a white strap which could very well be the upcoming Pixel Watch.
Google has confirmed that it unveil the Pixel Watch at its October 6 event along with other devices like the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones and a few Nest products. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones have also been confirmed to come powered with the second generation Tensor G2 chipset.
While photographs of the watch have been taken, there is no video footage. You can just see the round, black dial of the watch and the white watch strap. The dial looks to be on the larger side and probably is the bigger version of the Pixel Watch, if there is going to be one. Here we have some photos posted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who usually posts Apple-related content.

At the event, Google CEO said that the company was “pro-competitive” and had rivals like Apple and Microsoft in the digital advertising business and TikTok in the video space. As per Pichai, competition in tech is “hyper-intensive” and the success of TikTok “shows there is competition in space and “how vibrant this market is” compared to previous years. Pichai added that Google’s own YouTube Shorts, which is seen as Google’s answer to TikTok, is off to a “great start”.
On Google’s competition with Apple, Microsoft and others
Though he defended Google against allegations of being anti-competitive, the CEO also said that focussing too much on competition may not be good for companies. “I have always held the view that you tend to go wrong by focusing too much on competition. Big companies particularly fail because they stumble internally.”, said Pichai as per a report by Android Police.

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