This is what Google CEO Sundar Pichai has to say on how much Google pays to Apple annually – Times of India

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that Google’s deal with Apple for being the default search engine in the Safari web browser on various Apple devices is a “standard” one and the company competed with others for it, as per a report by Bloomberg. He said this at the Code Conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday in response to a question by the audience who asked him how much Google paid to Apple to be the default search engine on Safari web browser.
He also added that Google would continue with more acquisitions if they make sense for the company. As an example, he referred to the tech giant’s acquisition of Fitbit, saying that the deal would benefit the upcoming Google Pixel Watch with the necessary technology.
Google is “pro-competitive”, says the CEO
Pichai defended his company against the allegations that it was anti-competitive. The Google CEO said that the search engine giant is “pro-competitive” and has Apple and Google as rivals in the digital advertising business while TikTok challenges it in the video space. He said that competition in tech is “hyper-intensive” and the success of TikTok “shows there is competition in space and “how vibrant this market is” compared to previous years. Pichai added that Google’s own YouTube Shorts, which is seen as Google’s answer to TikTok, is off to a “great start”.
What of the interest in Pinterest?
While the Google CEO said that the company did not consider buying Twitter earlier this year, he declined to comment on Google’s interest in acquiring Pinterest Inc.

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