Samsung ‘getting’ iOS 16’s lock screen to its phones with One UI 5, shows beta – Times of India

With iOS 16, Apple granted the power of customisation to users – the option to have their lock screen the way they want. While Android had the option for customisation to itself for years, Samsung seems to have liked Apple’s implementation.
Twitter user Vaibhav Jain, also a YouTube creator, was the first to spot a similar interface for lock screen customisation on OneUI 5 as of iOS 16, and it is quite familiar. The option to customise the lock screen is not something new to One UI; in fact, it is something that Android had for years, but Samsung’s approach in the latest beta of OneUI 5, looks quite ‘inspired’ by iOS 16.

You will not not find these changes at first since these have been built into Samsung’s Good Lock app, an app that unlocks the full potential of customization on Galaxy smartphones.
Similar to iOS 16, the OneUI 5.0 beta 3 adds the option to long-press on the lock screen to change it. The wallpaper picker on the OneUI 5 looks exactly the same as iOS 16, having a similar layout; even the clock and widgets appear in a matching style. And there are filters too, though you cannot swipe, like it is being done on iOS 16.
It is not new for brands to copy each other, they always do it. Apple has copied from Android, and Samsung and others have also copied things from iOS, iPhone, and other Apple products.

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