Realme announces contest to bring this iPhone 14 Pro’s feature to its phones – Times of India

Apple launched its latest iPhone 14 Pro series earlier this month. After the launch one feature grabbed the attention of everybody and has also been liked by many. With the iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple introduced a new Dynamic Island feature. The feature has replaced the big notch on the Pro models of iPhone 14 and has been liked by many customers.
Dynamic Island is a new design that introduces an intuitive way to experience the iPhone — and the Always-On display. The feature allows users to try new ways to interact with the iPhone, featuring a design that blends the line between hardware and software, adapting in real-time to show important alerts, notifications, and activities. Without impeding content on the screen, Dynamic Island maintains an active state to allow users easier access to controls with a simple tap-and-hold. Ongoing background activities like Maps, Music, or a timer remain visible and interactive, and third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information like sports scores and ride-sharing with Live Activities can take advantage of Dynamic Island.

Now it appears that the Android smartphone makers are also interested in this new Apple feature. Chinese smartphone maker Realme is said to be gearing up to soon implement this feature in its UI.
Realme has started asking its fans for suggestions on implementing Dynamic Island-like feature in its smartphones. The company has initiated a contest in the Realme Global community called ‘Realme Island – Creators Challenge’.
The contest post shared by the company reveals that the upcoming software feature would turn the camera cut-out into a multifunctional feature. “The UI around the camera hole could morph into different shapes and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, and more,” said Realme.

How to Participate:
Realme has listed the following points telling users to participate:
“- Post a comment in the form of a drawing, GIF, or simply text, and explain how a potential Realme Island would work, what it would look like, and how it would be beneficial – feel free to be detailed as Realme UI devs will be looking at all proposals and they know their stuff.
– We will pick 3 x suitable proposals and concepts based on their originality, comprehensiveness, and feasibility, and these will take part in a poll on our official Twitter channel.
– Top #1 most voted concept out of the three will be showcased on our social media handles, giving credit to the respective creator behind such an idea.”
– realme UI developers will refer to the top most voted suggestion (reflecting the users’ expectations and taste) and consider it for a possible implementation in the future.

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