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Quordle is a great new game in town! It’s easy to learn and fun to play, but it can be confusing at first. We understand because you would not know how it should be played for the first few times before you started understanding its rules.
Quordle is a tougher version of the New York Times-owned game Wordle that has multiple answers and takes up a lot of time for the users who try to figure it out and solve them. To make it easy for the enthusiasts to find the right answers in a prompt we have provided a few Quordle hints and the answers for today. Are you ready for today’s Quordle answer?
Quordle 232 hints for September 13, 2022
Today’s Quordle answers have only one word with repeated letters while the other three words have no hidden tricks. The words making up today’s Quordle answers are common words with few uncommon letters and no weird letter arrangement.
The four words begin with the letters — H, D, A and B
The words end with — T, N, E and E
The clue for Word 1 — it contains two vowels
The clue for Word 2 — it refers to dying in water because it is not possible to breathe.
The clue for Word 3 – it refers to very simple plants that grow mainly in water.
The clue for Word 4 — it is a synonym for ‘beauty’.
These Quordle hints and clues will help you to get closer to today’s answer and will help you find the solutions you seek. The answers for Quordle 232 for September 13, 2022, are also mentioned below for your ease. Here are the Quordle 232 answers for today.

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