Microsoft updates Xbox Series X|S consoles with a new party chat feature and more: All details – Times of India

Microsoft has started rolling out a new system software update for the Xbox Series X and S gaming consoles. The new update adds a party chat feature along with an option to use the in-game captures shared by friends. Xbox Series X and S will now support a new noise suppression tool in the party chat that will allow players to reduce unwanted noises like — microphone-breathing, controller clicks and even light background music.
Apart from this, the latest update will also add a new option for the shared captures from friends. Users will now have the option to jump directly into a game while they are watching in-game screenshots or clips shared by their friends. These new features have already passed the insider testing and will be available for the consoles via the new patch.

Xbox Series X|S new update: Party chat noise suppression feature
Users can enable or disable the party chat feature from the options in the drop-down menu available in the Parties & Chats tab which can be found by clicking the Xbox Guide button. Noise suppression has been recently added to multiple platforms like Discord that Microsoft recently integrated with the consoles. Nvidia also has its AI-powered noise suppression named RTX Voice.
This feature is very helpful for games like Call of Duty: Warzone and other action games where awareness of sound effects is crucial. The noise suppression feature helps in filtering out unwanted background noise for gamers to focus on their in-game surroundings.

Xbox Series X|S new update: Jumping into games from in-game captures/recordings
Along with the background noise suppression, the latest update has also added a new way for Xbox console users to jump directly into a game from the screenshots and recordings shared by their friends. However, for this feature to work, users have to own the game and they can hit the new play option on captures and recordings to jump right into the game.

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