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Microsoft introduced the Surface Headphones 2+ in May 2020 which were the business-oriented version of the company’s premium wireless headphones, the Surface Headphones 2. The main difference between this variant of over-ear headphones and the regular one is that the Surface Headphones 2+ comes with Microsoft Teams certification. This feature offers users better audio quality and ensures that they’re being heard clearly. However, the certification was only valid when the headphones were connected to the included dongle. This means that users had to carry the dongle along with the headphones to get the ideal audio quality.
Now, Microsoft has updated its blog post to announce that the Surface Headphones 2+ will soon receive a firmware update that will add Teams certification while using them over Bluetooth. This upcoming update is expected to improve the experience while attending Teams calls and meetings even if the user forgets to carry the dongle for the headphones.
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ firmware update availability
The company has confirmed that it will start rolling out the firmware update on July 28 and users will either require the Surface app on Windows or the Microsoft Accessory Updater app on macOS to install it. Users can enable this new capability when the headphones receive the firmware version after the update.
How will this firmware update help users
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ users will be able to get Microsoft Teams certification even while using it with a standard Bluetooth connection after this firmware update. The company has also mentioned that these headphones will be the first devices to receive Teams certification over the native Bluetooth connection. Microsoft hasn’t shared the technical details about how it works but has assured that users will hear others and be heard more clearly during Teams calls and meetings, even if they are not carrying the dongle with them. Moreover, call and volume controls will also be available without using the dongle.
This doesn’t mean that the dongle will become completely useless as Microsoft suggests that it can still be important in crowded workspaces, or if the user has multiple Bluetooth devices and wants a dedicated connection for the Surface Headphones 2+. Apart from that, the dongle also has a light that indicates when users are — connected to Teams, receiving a call or if the microphone is muted.
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