iOS 16: How to customise your iPhone lock screen with Google apps – Times of India

With iOS 16, Google is also bringing several of its apps to the lock screen of your iPhone for speedy access. Plus, there will also be some app updates for you right on the lock screen should you want them there. The iPhone’s lock screen is the first thing to meet your eyes whenever you pick up the phone and a few major Google Suite applications can be positioned there for quick and time-saving access. Here is a quick rundown on the Google Suite apps that will soon arrive for the same.
With iOS 16, you can search for something on Google Search directly from the lock screen. Even the Search widget can be configured for searching through voice or camera. You can speak and get some text translated via the microphone and the translate Search widgets right next to the search bar. Some of these Google Search Lock Screen widgets, include a rounded rectangular Search bar and four circular widgets for Voice, Lens, Translate via Lens, Shopping via Lens and Homework via Lens.
With Chrome Lock Screen widgets that include Search in Chrome, Voice Search, Incognito mode and Chrome Dino game, you can launch Chrome, search with your voice or in incognito mode, or load the dino game.
Access your files with our Drive widgets. “Open a suggested Drive file or your starred files and folders with a single tap to pick up where you left off with that work project or short story draft.” said Google in a blogpost.
Google Maps
The Maps Frequent Trips widget will give you real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times to places. With the Maps Search widget, you can find restaurants, hotels, shops and other sports of interest.
Gmail’s Lock Screen widget is meant to automatically show you the number of new messages in your inbox. You can also check which inbox categories contain new messages with a little customisation in the widget.
Google News
The Google News widget brings real-time headlines on the lock screen. If you wish to dive deeper into the article, tap on the widget to open it.

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