Intel and Broadcom showcases Wi-Fi 7 with over 5Gbps speeds – Times of India

Intel and Broadcom, two silicon manufacturers, have showcased the industry’s first interoperable Wi-Fi 7 solution, claiming to achieve over-the-air speeds of over 5Gbps, between an Intel-powered laptop and a Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 access point.
The demo was meant to show that two chipmakers have the hardware ready to go for the Wi-Fi and how new wireless network technology brings improvement over the current generation. Intel and Broadcom executives showed that the new technology is ready with speed indicators, proving that Wi-Fi 7 is faster than Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.
The WiFi 7 promises five times bandwidth greater than WiFi 6E, which allows speeds up to 2Gbps. Further, the next-gen wireless also claims to offer 100 times better “worst case latency” and 15 times better latency for augmented and virtual reality applications, Intel said during the demonstration.
“Today’s milestone sends a clear message: the ecosystem is ready and Wi-Fi 7 is here to deliver extraordinary capacity and blazing fast speeds to extend gigabit broadband,” Vijay Nagarajan, vice president, Wireless Connectivity Division, Broadcom, said.
The Wi-Fi 7 brings several advancements over the current generation including wider 320MHz channels in the 6GHz portion of the wireless spectrum and 4K QAM modulation, offering higher data rate.The next-generation wireless network, i.e., Wi-Fi 7 will be the platform “for the next 10 years of wireless experiences,” claims Intel and Broadcom.
However, you should not get too excited now, as Wi-Fi 7 compatible devices are not expected to arrive before the end of 2023.

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