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Microsoft is planning to make its video conferencing platform — Teams — more intuitive and helpful for users across the world with this latest update. The tech giant has confirmed that the new update will make it much easier for Microsoft Teams users to find a specific chat message or thread on the platform. This new update will allow show users the full chat conversation threads when they click on a search message results.
The company has recently shared a new post on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap page (spotted by TechRadar), where it claims that this new fix will provide users with the “full context” of the conversation which is related to the message result.
Microsoft Teams new update: Availability
The new update is still listed as being under development on Microsoft’s official 365 roadmap website. However, the site also mentions that the upcoming Teams update will be made available for general users within October. This means that users don’t have to wait too long for the arrival of this feature. Once released, the new search tool will be available for all Microsoft Teams users across Mac and desktop platforms.

How will the new update work
Currently, when users search for a specific message in Microsoft Teams, the platform shows them a single text from the conversation thread. However, this new update claims to take users to a different view that will contain the full conversation thread which includes the searched message. Microsoft has even explained that this move will reduce the possibility of misunderstandings and confusion.
Other expected changes in the new update
The upcoming update might also include another tweak that will prevent external users to send unwanted chats in Microsoft Teams, reports TechRadar. This means that Teams users will now be able to accept or block the invite whenever they receive a new direct message from an external source.
Microsoft has mentioned that this change will also allow users to block other external users anytime. This tool will remove the unwanted user from the chat list and will also stop the user from sending you any more messages.

Moreover, the company is also adding the “intelligent translation” feature to Teams mobile users. This will help Android and iOS users quickly translate messages that are in a foreign language.
Apart from this, Microsoft Teams has also recently introduced another form of real-time translation that offers access to a large network of professional interpreters who can dial into meetings on request. In this case, users can switch between the original audio feed and the interpreter’s translation from a drop-down menu once the session has started.

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