Google working on Android feature to improve regular call quality: Report – Times of India

Google is designing a new Android feature to increase the clarity of your carrier calls by reducing the background noise. It’s called the Clear Calling feature and was discovered in the latest Android 13 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR1 Beta), as per a report by Android Authority, based on the findings by Mishaal Rahman.
As per the report, the feature will work for calls on most mobile networks but will not be supported on Wi-Fi calling. From the information given on the settings page, it looks like your call content will not be shared with Google, which is a plus for all who are conscious about their privacy.
Google Meet’s Noise Cancellation feature is also meant to remove the background noises like typing sounds, the sound of a door closing, noise from a nearby construction site, etc. With Clear Calling, Google may expand upon the sources of noise to improve an Android smartphone’s regular call quality by adding the ability to filter out the noise coming from the road, background talking, etc. These days, with an internet connection via mobile data, smartphone users have the option to use voice calling apps for their calls whenever their call quality suffers over regular calls. But still, improvement in carrier call quality is something that almost everyone is going to appreciate.

As for checking for the feature on your Android smartphones, we suggest that you wait a bit for the official announcement from Google.
“You can enable Clear Calling on your Android phones right now if you have knowledge of using ADB commands. Once enabled, you can access the toggle for the feature in the Sounds & vibrations menu. However, it’s unclear if it’ll work as intended right now because Google hasn’t made it official.”, says the report.

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