Google Chrome may make accessing browser history, bookmarks easier, here’s how – Times of India

Google has recently released the beta version of Chrome OS 106. With this new beta update, the tech giant has reportedly enabled search shortcuts for history, bookmarks and tabs on Google Chrome for desktop users. This feature is currently being tested and is expected to be widely rolled out later. These new shortcuts will allow users to search their history and bookmarks directly from the address bar.
The existing keyboard shortcut on Windows for searching history (Ctrl+H) is also a handy option but this new feature will be even easier. Users who don’t know the keyboard shortcut will be able to use @-queries directly on Google Chrome’s address bar to find search history, bookmarks and tabs.

How will this feature work
The ChromeOS 106 beta has added a new flag for Google Chrome (spotted by 9to5Google) — chrome://flags/#omnibox-site-search-starter-pack — which enables the @-shortcuts on macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. Enabling this feature will show the “most repeated queries from the device browsing history” and the sites most visited by the user.
To use this feature, users have to type @history, @bookmarks, or @tabs in Google Chrome’s address bar and hit space to see the — Search History, Bookmarks, or Tabs chip, respectively and users can choose a website from the @-query results.

Users will be able to quickly navigate through these results using arrow keys or the mouse cursor as the results will appear below the Omnibox. When you select or hit enter on a particular result you will be taken to the respective fullscreen page where your query will be pre-populated. On the other hand, if there’s only a single matching tab, hitting enter will take you directly to that site.
Chrome Actions allows users to quickly open key settings from the Omnibox and this new feature can be an important expansion of it. Apart from this, Google is also working on an Omnibox redesign for Chrome’s Android client.

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