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Google has again revamped its Contact app by adding a new ‘Highlight’ tab feature to its contact management service on Android devices.
According to a report by 9To5Google, the new tab–Highlight– is located between ‘Contacts‘ and ‘Fix & manage’ in the Material You bar at the bottom.

Here’s what has changed
Under the search field, users can access a grid of ‘Favorites’ that has four icons in a row, where users get four of their favourite contacts. The Google Contacts Highlight tab is a handy tool as it lets users search for contacts via a grid instead of scrolling which gives it a visual appearance to the tab with an easy-to-use interface. This enables users to view their contacts in two ways–list and grid.
Users can also easily ‘Add’ new tabs from the top-right corner.
The Google Contact app also has the ‘Favorites’ section where users can access the ‘Recents’ section. It is a two-tab list that starts with ‘View recently’.
While the ‘Added recently’ rounds out the list and is the most useful part of the new user interface (UI).
With the aforementioned feature, Contacts has now become a three-tab application.
“This new Highlights tab could be the primary way people use Google Contacts. Instead of scrolling, they could just search, while the grid is more visual and friendly than the list,” the report said.
Material You design comes to Docs, Sheets and Slides
Last month, Google released the new Material You design to Docs, Sheets and Slides. The toggle is designed like a pill and hence the Material (M3) switch is larger than the previous one, reports 9To5Google.

The latest M3 toggle features– new colour mappings, a taller and broader track and the ability to hold an icon in the switch thumb.
In Google Docs, Sheets and Slides users can use the toggle directly in the editor’s overflow menu for Print layout, Suggested changes, Available offline and Star, the report said.
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