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Samsung’s latest app is compatible with Android 10.0 or above. This means the Galaxy Enhance-X app can run on premium devices. Representative Image

Samsung has been offering useful and advanced photography apps for a long time now. For example, the company’s current Photo Editor app delivers a slew of different options whereas the Expert Raw app is claimed to offer a complete RAW photography experience. Moreover, Samsung’s Gallery app also offers important editing features and options through the Photo Editor app including — Spot Color, Object Eraser and Shadow Remover. However, these features are hard to find for common users as they are buried deep in the app. But, now the company has debuted a more improved photo editing app that relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fix most issues in an image with a single tap.
The South Korean tech giant has recently launched a new photography app named the Galaxy Enhance-X. According to a report by AndroidSage, the app is now available in the Galaxy Store and its listing reveals that the app uses “AI-based techniques” to offer multiple editing features with a single click.
What is Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X
As discussed above, Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X is an AI-based photo upscale app that works with a single touch. The latest app from the company is an answer to the other major image editing apps from other brands including — Adobe’s Lightroom, Google’s Snapseed, Picsart and even the in-built Google Photos’ AI enhancer.
Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X: Availability
As per the report, Samsung’s latest app is compatible with Android 10.0 or above. This means the Galaxy Enhance-X app can run on premium devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 series, Note 9 series, Galaxy S10 series, Note 10 series, S20 series, Note 20 series, S21 series, the latest Galaxy S22 series Galaxy Z series, Galaxy Tab S8 series as well as on mid-ranger A-series phones. It can run even on the budget M-series and F-series handsets.
The report mentions that the app works best with images captured with Samsung’s Expert Raw camera app which allows photographers to access the uncompressed data of an image directly from the camera sensor.
The new app is reportedly currently not available for all regions and has been offered to some selected markets including the US.
Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X: Key features
One of the most notable features of the app is the “Magic Editor” feature which can improve images with a single click. Meanwhile, the “Brighten” feature helps users to introduce more light to darker images whereas the “Fix Blur” revives blurry photos. Apart from these, Samsung’s latest app can also remove moire patterns from images that are produced when an opaque-ruled pattern with transparent gaps is laid over another similar pattern.
The report details the options that will be initially available for users including — HDR, Brighten, Fix Blur and Sharpen once they import an image to the app. Other features like — Fix Moire, Remove reflection, face enhancements and portrait options will be available in the “More” menu, the report suggests.


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