Apple’s most expensive AirPods get a price cut – Times of India

Earlier this year in April, Apple had jacked up the prices of almost all its AirPods models. This included the company’s only over-the-ear headphones — the AirPods Max. The AirPods Max — launched in 2020 — are also the most expensive headphones from Apple and were launched at Rs 59,990. However, the price was revised to Rs 66,100.
If the AirPods Max at their launch price were considered ‘too’ expensive, at their revised price they became prohibitively expensive. Now, it seems like Apple’s brought them back to their launch price. We checked on the Apple Online Store and the AirPods Max are being sold at Rs 59,990 yet again.
Why the price of AirPods was hiked?
Back in April, the prices of all AirPods were hiked by up to 10%. While there was no official reason given, chances are that the increase in the basic custom duty was proposed in the Union Budget 2022. The government of India had hiked the basic custom duty to 22% from the earlier 10% on products like headphones among others.
Why the price cut now?
It’s really not clear why the AirPods Max have received a price drop. Apple did launch the new AirPods Pro last week and they were launched at the increased price of previous generation AirPods Pro. The previous model of the AirPods, however, has been discontinued. Interestingly, the third-gen AirPods — launched in 2021 — have also got a slight price cut. The AirPods (third-gen) are now being sold at Rs 19,900. In April, the price of AirPods (third-gen) was hiked to rs 20,500 — they were launched at Rs 18,500.

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