Airtel XSafe home surveillance service launched in 40 cities across India – Times of India

Airtel has introduced an end-to-end home surveillance service — XSafe — in India. The service offers a variety of WiFi-based smart cameras, providing users with a 360-degree view of their premises from anywhere.
With the Airtel Xsafe app, users can remotely connect with their family members while having a 360-degree view of their homes through the Airtel Xsafe App. Airtel’s surveillance system comprises advanced cameras with motion detection working on an end-to-end encrypted network to ensure the complete privacy of users.
The app will send users real-time alerts whenever the camera detects any movement. The camera can detect basic motion, and it is also capable of detecting people.
The footage gets saved on Airtel’s secure cloud storage, and customers can retrieve and share the footage at any time using the app. Moreover, the devices have an in-built alarm.
Airtel XSafe: Plans, pricing, and availability in India
At launch, the XSafe will be available across 40 cities, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai. There is no word on if or when the company plans to expand the service beyond these cities.
There are three different cameras — Sticky Cam, 360-degree and Active Defence. The first two are meant for indoors, while the Active Defence is for outdoor premises.
The Sticky Cam and the 360-degree camera comes at Rs 2,499 and Rs 2,999, respectively, while the Active Defense costs Rs 4,499.
There is an installation fee of Rs 300 for the Sticky Cam and 360-degree, whereas for the Active Defense users will be charged Rs 600. Further, the subscription charges for the three cameras are the same, i.e., Rs 999/year and Rs 699/year for an additional camera.
How Airtel XSafe compares with Tata Play Secure+
Similar to Airtel Xsafe, Tata Play has a Secure+ security surveillance system. However, Secure+ offers only a single plan, including a one-time cost for Google Nest Cam of Rs 11,999. On top of the cost of the Nest Cam, there is a yearly fee of Rs 3000 for Nest Aware Basic. So, the total comes up to Rs 14,999. Tata Play is also offering Google Nest Mini speaker for free on the purchase of the Secure+ for a limited period.
Compared to Tata Play Secure+, Airtel’s XSafe is a more affordable option for those looking for a home surveillance system. Even a multi-camera system would cost a lot less than what Tata Play is charging for a single Nest Cam. But, you get assured of Google’s service with Tata Play Secure+.

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