Anastasia obliges in Rose Hill Gardens Handicap

Anastasia (M.S. Deora up) won the Rose Hill Gardens Handicap, the feature event of the races here on Saturday (Sept. 10). The winner is owned by M/s. Stride Livestock, Mr. Chetan Shantilal Shah & Mr. Suresh G. Advani and trained by D. Narredu.

1. BUSAN HANDICAP (1,200m), 4-y-o & over, rated 00 to 25: MYSTICAL MAGICIAN (P.S. Kaviraj) 1, Marshall (S. Kamble) 2, Dancing Queen (Inayat) 3 and Maranello (Nazerul Alam) 4. 3-1/4, 1-1/4 and 1. 1m, 14.81s. Owners: Mr. Gundala Suryanarayana & Mr. Subash M. Trainer: Fahad Khan.

2. SARATOGA HANDICAP (Div. II), (1,000m), rated 20 to 45: ILLUSTRIOUS RULER (Farid Ansari) 1, Augusta (Akshay Kumar) 2, Admiral Shaw (A.M. Alam) 3 and Wise Don (B. Dharshan) 4. 4-3/4, 1 and 2-1/2. 1m, 14.07s. Owner: Mr. K. Muthuvellayan. Trainer: R. Foley.

3. WOODBINE HANDICAP (1,000m), rated 20 to 45: SHIVARATRI (P. Sai Kumar) 1, Henrietta ( S. Kamble) 2, Stern Maiden (Ram Nandan) 3 and Zucardi (Akshay Kumar) 4. 3, 1-3/4 and snk. 1m, 05s. Owner: Mr. AL. Murugappan. Trainer: Sebastian.

4. SMART CHIEFTAIN PLATE(Div. I), (1,100m), maiden 3-y-o only (Terms): ANDORRA (A. Sandesh) 1, Berrettini (Akshay Kumar) 2, Angavai (Nazerul Alam) 3 and Dancing Grace (Ashhad Asbar) 4. 3, 5 and 5-3/4. 1m, 6.00s. Owner: Mr. M.A.M.R. Muthiah rep. GMMSR Advisory Services Sarainaga Racing. Trainer: J.E. Mckeown.

5. SMART CHIEFTAIN PLATE (Div. II), (1,100m), maiden 3-y-o only (Terms): SLAINTE (A. Sandesh) 1, Royal Monarch (Nakhat Singh) 2, Lady Luck (Khet Singh) 3 and Current View (C. Brisson) 4. 1/2, 2-3/4 and 1-1/4. 1m, 5.79s. Owner: M/s. Sarainaga Racing. Trainer: J.E. Mckeown.

6. ASCOT HANDICAP (1,200m), rated 40 to 65: GOLDEN MARINA (Khet Singh) 1, Annexed (P. Sai Kumar) 2, Tudor (Akshay Kumar) 3 and Lordship (Koshi Kumar) 4. 3-3/4, lnk and 1. 1m, 12.95s. Owner: Mr. M.A.M.R. Muthiah rep. GMMSR Advisory Services. Trainer: R. Ramanathan.

7. ROSE HILL GARDENS HANDICAP (1,200m), rated 60 to 85 (Outstation horses eligible): ANASTASIA (M.S. Deora) 1, Karadeniz (Farid Alnsari) 2, Night Hunt (Khet Singh) 3 and Wind Symbol (A.M. Alam) 4. 1/2, 1-1/4 and 3/4. 1m, 12.47s. Owners: M/s. Stride Livestock, Mr. Chetan Shantilal Shah & M. Suresh G Advani. Trainer: D. Narredu.

8. MOUNT EVEREST PLATE (1,200m), 3-y-o only (Terms): KAY STAR (Ashhad Asbar) 1, Prince Purple (Akshay Kumar) 2, Choice (Nazerul Alam) 3 and Kings Walk (P. Sai Kumar) 4. not run Remediesofspring. 1-1/2, 4 and 1. 1m, 13.30s. Owners: Mr. Cheriyan Abraham & Mr. Rakesh Bathra. Trainer: Anil Kumar.

9. SARATOGA HANDICAP (Div. I), (1,200m), rated 20 to 45: CARTEL (M.S. Deora) 1, Senora Bianca (Khet Singh) 2, Mezcal (A. Sandesh) 3 and Amber Lightning (Farid Ansari) 4. Not run: Right Move. Owners: Mr. S. Ganapathy, Mr. K.R. Muthukaruppan, Mr. S. Vijaynambi & Mr. S. Shanker Narayanan. Trainer: Mandanna.

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