How Apple Watch helped a Bangalore-based techie escape a toxic workplace and improve his cardio health | – Times of India

In another instance of Apple Watch proving to be a toolto safeguard health, a Bangalore-based iOS developer credits his smartwatch with saving his life from the perils of a toxic work environment. The developer, Sharath Sriram, shared his experience with The Times of India on how his Apple Watch helped him identify health issues and escape a stressful workplace that was impacting his physical and mental well-being.
Working at a high-pressure startup, 25-year-old Sriram found himself constantly battling a stressful work environment. He described experiencing increased heart rates after meetings, coupled with an abnormally high resting heart rate. Initially attributing these symptoms to work pressure, he tracked his health data using his Apple Watch.
His Apple Watch — Series 8 — logged his heart rate readings throughout the day and Sriram noticed a concerning pattern. His heart rate would spike significantly during and after work meetings, often remaining elevated for extended periods. This persistent rise in heart rate, coupled with his overall low energy levels, prompted him to seek medical advice.
Sriram shared his concerns with his wife who advised him to consult a doctor. Upon reviewing the detailed heart rate records, the doctor expressed concern about the potential impact of the work environment on his health and strongly advised him to seek alternative employment. “While my ECG readings were fine, the doctor said that I shouldn’t be putting my health at risk,” he said.
Taking the doctor’s advice to heart, the developer made the decision to quit his job. He soon found employment at a new company with a more positive and supportive work culture. The change in environment had a profound impact on his health. His Apple Watch data reflected a significant decrease in his resting heart rate and a normalisation of his heart rate fluctuations throughout the day. “My resting heart rate is absolutely normal and there aren’t alarming spikes in my heart rate either.”
“The Apple Watch not only helped me identify the negative impact of my work environment but also empowered me to take action and prioritsze my well-being. It’s a constant reminder of the importance of listening to your body and taking charge of your health.”
Sriram also said that he had written to Apple CEO Tim Cook about his experience with the Apple Watch and how its technology helped him escape a toxic work place.

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