`Wonder Woman` star Gal Gadot opens up about her ‘Evil queen’ role in ‘Snow White’

Washington: `Wonder Woman` star Gal Gadot opened up about her `Delicious` Evil Queen role in `Snow White`. Gal Gadot enjoys exploring her dark side, the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney`s Snow White, starring West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler in the lead role, has the Wonder Woman actor as the Evil Queen. 

The co-stars discussed “modernising” the beloved animated film for contemporary viewers while speaking to People Magazine on Friday at the D23 Expo. Gadot also explains why she loved the opportunity to play a villain.”I wanted to make sure that we keep her delightful and delicious, and we understand what makes her tick. Then the evilness is interesting, and not just flat,” she says.

“For me,” adds Gadot, “it was making sure the Queen is not just evil for the sake of being evil. There is complexity between the two characters, it`s like a mother-daughter relationship in a weird way. It`s what happens to a woman when she feels like she`s not relevant anymore, what can come out of her.”

Gadot reveals that she managed to spook other set members while wearing her “heavy as hell” costume, even though her character`s appearance has not yet been disclosed.”Just to be able to be that character and feel what it makes other people feel,” she explains. “Usually I make people talk to me, open and comfortable. With this one, I truly felt people were intimidated by me.”

“Yeah. It`s very intimidating,” agrees Zegler. “And it was also the black lipstick, it was the nails, it was the lashes.””Everything was very, not aggressive, but it was very intimidating. But to be that character just feels great, because you feel like it`s effective in the story,” adds Gadot, who says it was “enjoyable” to play a fairy tale villain and “go bigger, to be more theatrical, to speak through your body, and to do all those things.”

The live-action `Snow White,` a musical adaptation of the well-known Brothers Grimm fairy tale, is very similar to 1937`s `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,` Disney`s debut motion picture and the first ever fully animated feature film. The plot centres on Zegler`s Snow White, a stunning young princess orphaned at a young age and is now living with her vile stepmother, the Queen (Gadot).The Queen launches a series of murderous plots after her magic mirror declares that Snow White is more beautiful than she is. Snow White is ultimately forced to abandon their castle and seek safety with the seven dwarfs who live in the woods. Disney Plus `Snow White` debuts in 2024.

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