Vikram Vedha Movie Cast Interview Special: Saif Ali Khan says, ‘a Hrithik Roshan film without dance might be interesting but not commercial’

New Delhi: Filmmaker Jodi of Pushkar-Gayatri are all gung-ho about their much-awaited release Vikram Vedha, the Hindi remake of its Tamil original. The film stars Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan in the titular roles of Vikram and Vedha respectively – making it one of the actioners we all wanna watch on big screens. The lead actors along with the filmmakers were in the Capital recently to promote the film and answered some media questions at the presser. 

Responding to Zee News Digital on whether the popular song ‘Alcohalia’ was originally part of the plan or did Hrithik Roshan insist on adding a dance number, the team replied with much gusto. A surprised Hrithik said, “Wow, I can’t remember that one.” “To put it in context, we had a song in the same situation in Tamil version called Tasakku Tasakku. And all our films till now have had a happy drinking song. So, there are a very few situations where we can think of to have a song, and a drinking song, we are like, ok, now we at least we know we can have a song here,” said Pushkar.

Saif Ali Khan added, “And to have a movie with Hrithik not having a dance-song would perhaps be an interesting but not so commercial choice.”  To this Hrithik was quick to add, “But am glad you (makers) had that choice.”

Zee News Digital quizzed the makers on their casting choice and how they decided on signing Hrithik as a gangster while Saif in a cop’s avatar, and not vice-versa. “There was a process by which lists were drawn and the base idea was we were looking at who can play a particular role the greatest and our thing was – lets cast against the grain. Let’s look at what wud be that casting choice where people would say – what the hell are you guys doing? So, that was one approach to it. Luckily, we got support on it and when they got on to the project, they were excited. So, we are were like YES!, ” said Pushkar. Gayatri added, “We lucked out big time”. Hrithik was quick to add, “I think we lucked out big time.”

Gayatri explained, “You look at this guy (Hrithik Roshan), he looks terror kind of a guy, so playing that shows his acting. He enjoys the process actually. And then there is Saif Ali Khan, who is the toughest guy, he just carried the momentum with his energy on the sets and he was good with guns (laughs).”

“While shooting, Saif would be doing something, general stuff and all that…shot is ready, he will go in front of the camera and suddenly you see this tough as nails,” said Pushkar. 

Saif Ali Khan candidly said, “He (Vikram) is a very serious guy, I can’t be that serious the whole day.” Gayatri lauded him for the transformation saying ‘the switch is magical.”

Vikram Vedha is jointly produced by YNOT Studios, Friday Filmworks, T-Series Films, Reliance Entertainment and Jio Studios. It also stars Radhika Apte, and Rohit Saraf besides Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan in lead roles.

The actioner will open in theatres on September 30, 2022. 


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