Vastu Tips: Do NOT keep water bottle near your bed while sleeping; no mirrors in front of bed – here’s why!

Vastu tips while sleeping: Are you keeping a water bottle near your bed while sleeping? Are your earphones, books placed on your bed, above your head (pillow) when you go to sleep? Are unwashe clothes lying on your bed? These are very common everyday practices that we don’t think much about and we follow for convenience. But if you believe in Vastu Shastra, do note that these habits can lanyou trouble, says Vastu experts. Many of these habits can actually lead you to having financial trouble. Astrologer and Vastu consultant Rosie Jasrotia lists out the following items that she says can potentially be an issue in terms of Vastu:  

Electronic gadgets: One should not sleep with any kind of electronic gadgets, such as a mobile phone or watch with you. This not only leads to loss of money, but it has a bad effect on every area of ​​life.

Unwashed cups: Sometimes, we leave our cup of tea or coffee near the bed, on the bedside table. Do NOT leave unwashed utensils on your bed or room. Otherwise, it can lead to poverty. They also lead to nightmares while sleeping and generally usher in a negative energy at home. 

Newspapers or books: Do not keep anything related to studies, newspapers or books, under your pillow. Keeping such things under one’s head increases the effect of negative energy in life. Such people can never progress in life. 

Gold: Many people keep gold jewellery – finger rings or earrights or chains that they are wearing – under their pillows, before sleeping. Vastu Shastra says that there should be no such thing beneath the head while sleeping, as they increase negativity. It can cause you to be more angry or relationships can turn sour. Those who follow thi practice face a lot of obstacles.

Mirror: It should not be placed near the head or in front of the bed. This can cause trouble in married life. Your shadow should not be visible in the mirror while sleeping. It also can lead to scary dreams at night.

Dirty clothes: Sometimes, we feel lazy and leave unwashed clothes on bed. Not only is that ungienic, it’s bad Vastu-wise – bad dreams, negativity can be the outcome of this practice.

Food items and money: Never keep money or food items near the bed while sleeping. It leads to negativity and also it shows disrespect of Goddess Lakshmi.

Water bottles: This is one common practice, but according to Vastu Shastra, the moon suffers if there’s water under the head. Negativity, psychiatric problems can occur. Therefore, do not keep water in any vessel below your bed before sleeping.


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