Tillotama Shome says there is ‘a very thin line between a criminal and an…

Mumbai: Actress Tillotama Shome, who has been getting a lot of positive response for her role of `Lata` – a serial murderer in the seond season of the crime-drama `Delhi Crime`, shared that there`s a very thin line between a criminal and an innocent person.

In the show, Tillotama Shome has portrayed the character of `Lata`, a girl who aspires to a better life and who goes to any lengths to achieve her dreams. A part of an ominous gang of serial killers, Lata goes on a rampant spree of targeting senior citizens.

Talking about the fine line of difference between an innocent and a criminal, the actress said, “It`s actually a very thin line between being a criminal and being innocent. For Lata, because her identity was not accepted, it was given that there would be friction. It`s a peek into the mind of a criminal and what you see there when the gap between the haves and have nots just keeps exceeding.”

Sharing the background of her character in the show, she further mentioned, “The place where my character comes from, it`s from the `have-not` section. She is a dreamer and she will do whatever needs to be done for her dreams to come true. You and I can judge her for it but she doesn`t care for your approval.”

She describes her character as “very intelligent and smart” but also mentions that she is a “very sensitive girl”.

“She is mostly cut down because she is poor. In order to understand her and find the reason as to why she does what she does, I only had to find that one thing to connect with Lata – it was the dreams that she envisioned with so much innocence,” Tillotama added.

`Delhi Crime` Season 2 is inspired by true events and is helmed by showrunner and director Tanuj Chopra. The series also stars Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, Adil Hussain, Anurag Arora, Sidharth Bhardwaj and Gopal Dutt, and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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