Throwback: When Malaika Arora slammed a troll for calling her a gold digger after divorce from Arbaaz Khan – Times of India

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan announced their separation in 2017, ending their marriage of nearly two decades. Soon after, rumorus were rife that the actress is getting a hefty amount in the form of alimony from Arbaaz. The actress was trolled on social media for ‘living off her husband’s money’, but Malaika had handled the haters confidently.

“This what these shit women do these days. Marry a rich guy then divorce him for huge alumni. And then have fun with that alumni. Why do u need alumni if u are capable of earning… I respect ppl and not the gender….Her life now is aal about wearing short clothes, going to gym or salon, enjoying the vacation. Do u seriously have any work… Or just feeding urself on the husband’s money,” one user had commented on a social media post featuring Malaika Arora, back in 2017. Reacting to it, the actress had penned, “I do not indulge in such conversation coz it’s below my dignity, but I jus had to @feelgoodfabric coz u certainly got to get ur damn facts right before spewing shit n slagging me off when u know nothing bout me. except sit n pass judgement on other people’s life. i seriously suggest u find something to do with ur time coz u clearly have nothing better to do in life.”

Recently, Sushmita Sen was trolled on social media after Lalit Modi made his relationship official with the former beauty queen. She had shared a snapshot from her beach holiday and penned, “It’s heartbreaking to see just how miserable & unhappy the world around us is becoming…. The so called intellectuals with their idiosyncrasies….the ignorant with their cheap & at times funny gossip. The friends I never had & the acquaintances I’ve never met….all sharing their grand opinions & deep knowledge of my life & character…monetising the ‘Gold Digger’ all the way!!! Ah these geniuses!!! I dig deeper than Gold…and I’ve always (famously) preferred Diamonds!! And yes I still buy them myself!!! I love the all heart support my well wishers & loved ones continue to extend. Please know, your Sush is ABSOLUTELY fine.. cause I’ve never lived on the transient borrowed light of approval & applause. I am the Sun….perfectly Centred in my being & my conscience!! I love you guys!!!”

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