Salman Khan renews rent licence for supermarket in Mumbai for 89 lakhs a year – Times of India

Salman Khan is a veritable superstar, but he’s also an astute businessman. Of the many businesses that he runs apart from his movie-related endeavours, his stint in real estate is the least talked about. ETimes has learnt that Salman has recently renewed the leave and license for the property that he has rented to a leading supermarket franchise.

The actor has renewed a two-year agreement with the retail giant and it will get him a rent of Rs 89.60 lakh for the first year, which will increase to Rs 94.08 lakh in the second year. According to documents accessed by, Salman renewed the lease of the property that he had rented to the Foodhall brand at Linking Road in Mumbai. Salman Khan had earlier leased the property to Foodhall’s parent retail company for a period of 5 years in 2017. On September 5, the actor renewed the lease with TNSI Retail Pvt Ltd a subsidiary of the parent company, which runs Foodhall.

The total area rented, in a multi-storey building owned and constructed by Salman’s firm, is 2568.85 sq mts and it includes the basement, ground floor, first floor and the second floor of the building in Bandra. A deposit of Rs 2.68 crore was paid for this agreement while the stamp duty paid by the parties involved was Rs 5.87 lakh.

This specialised supermarket is a grocery, cafe, bakery and gift shop all under one roof and it’s become quite a popular hotspot for Bandra residents which includes many Bollywood celebrities, too.

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