Madhur Bhandarkar feels people are scared of him because he might make a film about them

Mumbai: Ace filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar reveals how people are scared of him wherever he goes as if he makes a film on them.

Madhur reveals: “People are very scared. I go to the hospital so doctors see me and say, Sir, you are not making a film on us na. This happens many times when I visit an institution and their people say you should make a film on this or that subject.”

“Such things happen quite often in different places. So I like making scripts on different states and thoughts. Plus what recognition and love I have achieved are all because of the audience and all of us are here because of them.”

Later on, he shares how a lady bouncer in a pub inspired him to make the movie `Babli Bouncer` starring Tamannaah Bhatia, Saurabh Shukla, and Supriya Shukla. He says: “Being in the film industry all of us have seen that in many places there are male bouncers only. And, one day I was at a pub and I saw a lady bouncer there, so the idea came to my mind.”

Moving ahead in the conversation with the host of `The Kapil Sharma Show`, he adds: “We explored that world and did some research on it and then we got to know that there is a village of bouncers close to Delhi and from there these bouncers come and work here. We have seen male bouncers in many films but the story of a lady bouncer must be told.”

`The Kapil Sharma Show` airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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