Hrithik Roshan: When I started off, I aspired to be a star. Today, I want to succeed as an actor – Times of India

Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for the release of his 25th film Vikram Vedha this Friday. During the promotions of the film, the actor opened up about how he’s changed over the years. ETimes asked Hrithik if he felt any pressure while choosing his next film after War (2019) and he if looked for any advice to help select the ideal film. Speaking about it he said, “No, I haven’t had anyone giving that advice. Maybe, because I hold myself very responsible for doing my very best. I think people somewhere know that.”

He did open up to the success that War brought to his career. He said, “It was a very confusing time for me. I was kind of lost. I was getting so much love for what I am not. It was time for me to realign with the person that I am and to fulfill myself as Hrithik. Kabir or Vedha are the characters that I play. They’re not me. It’s important for me to differentiate between the person that I am and the persona that I project on screen. If I don’t separate the two, I will live in chaos.”

War happened more than 3 years ago and on the subject of taking his time to sign new projects and doing films at ease, Hrithik said, “I want to do more films. But I need good scripts. If I get exceptional writing, I’ll do four films a year. My instincts are based on how impactful the script has been on my soul. I’m not doing films only for the money so I have that choice. I’m in the hands of my writers and directors.”

Hrithik had watched the original Vikram Vedha in 2017 when it had released. He recalled, “I was blown away by the film. I expressed my desire to be part of the remake, if and when it would to be made. And three years later, it circled back to me.”

Having taken time to introspect and reflect in the past few years, Hrithik acknowledged that he is open to doing all kinds of cinema if the content is good. He also emphasized the change that the Covid pandemic has brought. He said, “I look at it as a positive. Our audience is now exposed to great work from all over the world. So, obviously, the tastes are becoming better. It is time for us to grow.”

So, what has changed for the superstar actor in terms of the big Friday release since his debut Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000)? The actor who was in a confession mode said, “When I was starting out, I was probably aspiring to be a star and to be acknowledged with that kind of success. Today, I aspire for to succeed as an actor. I want to know that I have grown. I want to know that I have been able to satisfy my director and audience in terms of my job and my promise in order to be a star. My job is to be an actor.”

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