Hamza In ‘Darlings’ To Sasya In ‘She’, Vijay Varma Is The Quintessential Grey Guy Of Bollywood

New Delhi: Vijay Varma is one of the best actors and performers that Bollywood has and this star is busy shining bright since his latest release, ‘Darlings’, more than ever. Over his decade-long career in Bollywood, Vijay has given one notable performance after the other but more importantly, he has paved the way and made his mark as Bollywood’s Quintessential Grey Guy, with every role standing apart from the other.

Here is recounting 5 times that Vijay Varma gave you goosebumps with just a look, as he aced the bad boy roles on screen-

Darlings- Hamza

Hamza from Darlings is an abusive, alcoholic but also an apologetic husband who doesn’t shy away from bullying his naive wife when angry. Well, from frame to frame, Hamza gets worse and the audience hates him more as time passes which Varma considers his biggest compliment as an actor and we say, rightly so.

SHE – Sasya

While Vijay Varma’s character Sasya in SHE enjoys being brutal and sadistic, his fans have loved him more and more for such an ace portrayal. Written by Imtiaz Ali, Vijay Varma has outdid himself in the role of the Hyderabadi speaking, drug kingpin.

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Mirzapur- Badhe Tyagi & Chote Tyagi

One of the most famous twin Jodi in the history of Webseries were performed by Vijay. This fan favourite is particularly remarkable as he played the two sides of the coin in the same show with the mean and brutal, Bada Tyagi on one side and the good brother, Chhota Tyagi on the other.

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Bamfaad – Jigar Fareedi

Vijay Varma played the role of Jigar Fareedi in the 2020 release Bamfaad where the actor played a negative character. His character Jigar Fareedi cemented a position for him as an actor who taps into the different sides of each character he plays. His role as an antagonist garnered him fame from all quarters, including several celebrities praising the star.

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Pink – Ankit Malhotra

Vijay Varma has been nailing gray characters since the beginning of his career in films. Back then when Pink made noise, Vijay stood out in his short role as the rape perpetrator and that was where the appreciation for his craft in negative roles truly started.

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Vijay also has an exciting slate of projects ahead including, ‘Devotion of Suspect X’ with Kareena Kapoor Khan, ‘Dahaad’ with Sonakshi Sinha, ‘Mirzapur 3’ and Sumit Saxena’s untitled next.

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