Emilia Clarke Reveals She’s ‘Missing’ Parts Of Her Brain After Surviving Aneurysms

New Delhi: Game Of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke has opened up about the two brain aneurysms that she suffered while she was filming for the popular show. She spoke about her life after surviving aneurysms in 2011 and 2013. 

Appearing on BBC One’s Sunday Morning on 17 July, Emilia said, “The amount of my brain that is no longer usable. It’s remarkable that I am able to speak, sometimes articulately, and live my life completely normally with absolutely no repercussions.” 

She then remembered the time when she saw her brain scans. “There’s quite a bit missing, which always makes me laugh. Because strokes, basically, as soon as any part of your brain doesn’t get blood for a second, it’s gone. And so the blood finds a different route to get around but then whatever bit it’s missing is therefore gone,” the actress told BBC One. 

Emilia also said how her sharp memory helps her when she is doing a project. “I always had a good memory because, it’s the only thing, it’s the only skill as an actor, you just have to remember some lines, so your memory is obviously incredibly important and I consistently tested that but, I gave up wondering,” she told BBC One. 

She suffered her first aneurysm in 2011 and in 2013 she had a second aneurysm and had to be operated on as scans showed the aneurysm had doubled in size. After the aneurysms, Clarke suffered from aphasia and was unable to recall her own name at one point. 

In 2019, Clarke shared images of her in the hospital following one of the aneurysms while speaking about the difficult road to recovery and also launched a charity, SameYou, which aims to raise money for those recovering from brain surgeries and strokes. 

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