Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot fans finally rejoice as he decodes Tina Datta, call him caring and kind!

New Delhi: Bigg Boss house finally saw an elimination over this weekend & reinstated the trust of fans who thought this season had become a daily soap with no evictions for many weeks. 

While Salman schooled Shalin for his infamous fight with Stan but he also brought him to realisation, how Tina had bad mouthed him after her re-entry into the show & also is never on her words when it comes to Shalin. 

Later during a candid chat between Shalin, Ankit & Priyanka, Priyanka shared an episode where Tina had again taken at dig at Shalin, later followed by Shalin finally decoding Tina’s game. 

In an explosive footage that has made every Shalin Bhanot fan happy, Shalin spoke about how he understood Tina’s fickle mindedness & that she’s moody & her friendship is that of convenience.

Salman Khan, Shalin’s parents & fans had large, even inmates have had warned Shalin about getting attached to Tina Datta in the past but he continued to build a connection & always ended up proving his friendship. 





Last week when Tina falsely accused Shalin of consuming steroids, there was a hullabaloo even online, but this time Shalin strictly warned her about the repercussions of loosely using such controversial words on national television. 

Looks like Shalin has finally decided to call out Tina & his fans can only hope this continues as the latter has been instrumental in making his game look weak.

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