Anupamaa written update September 7: Anupama and Shah finally welcome Kinjal’s daughter

In the newest episode of Anupamaa, Anuj insists Anupamaa visit Kinjal and the baby at the Shah house to take care of them. He also suggests Anupamaa take little Anu along as she had been also quite antsy to meet the little one. The Shahs finish decorating the house, and everyone compliments Samar and Pakhi for their job. Vanraj meets Rakhi, Paritosh, Kinjal and her baby at the hospital. He is ready to escort them home, but Rakhi seems to be agitated and keeps everyone in the car on edge. Keep reading this article to know more. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Seizure gives Anuj short-term memory loss

Anuj convinces Anupamaa to head over to the Shah’s to take care of Kinjal

Anupamaa video calls Kinjal as the Kapadia are settled and having breakfast. Anuj wishes to have a word with Kinjal and expresses remorse for not being at the hospital during the baby’s arrival. Kinjal too feels apologetic for not being able to meet them. Little Anu overhears the conversation and reveals that she wishes to meet Kinjal and her baby. Anuj then suggests to Anupamaa that she and Little Anu head over towards the Shahs. Anupamaa is conflicted about the overbearing responsibilities that she has to fulfill, in particular heeding the doctor’s recommendations about being with Anuj at all times. On the other side, she, as a grandmother, has her responsibility towards caring for Kinjal and the baby. Keep reading this article to find out how she manages between the two.

Leela snaps at Anupamaa for being late

Leela waits for Anupamaa at the Shah house, to start a ritual and ward off evil spirits from the child, mother and the house. Kavya asked Leela if she can help with the ritual, to which Leela responded that she won’t be able to do it the way Anupamaa does. She says that Anupamaa has burdened herself with unnecessary responsibilities by adopting Little Anu. Upon arriving at the Shah’s doorstep, she is immediately castigated by Leela to which Little Anu retorts that she was taking care of her ailing husband, and that’s why she was unable to attend the get-together earlier. She adds that Leela shouldn’t reprimand her mother. Anupamaa gets to work, when Leela interrupts her and asks that she restrict Little Anu from touching or holding the baby when she’s brought home. Anupamaa is perplexed at the request, and assures Leela that Little Anu is very smart and well aware. Nevertheless, Leela point blank refuses, to which Anupamaa replies that Kinjal’s daughter is just as much her daughter as Little Anu and she loves them equally; but she can’t see the same inversely in Leela. Just then Rakhi and the family show up at the house to everyone’s jubilation.

In the next episode, Anupamaa is seen slapping Toshu in front of Vanraj and Rakhi over his misdeeds in Rajkot, Paritosh attempts to defend himself but in vain. Continue reading the upcoming HT highlights for more information.

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