Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa finds out about Toshu’s affair

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, the Shah family and Kapadia family come together to partake in the naming ceremony of Kinjal and Toshu’s baby girl. Rakhi is still noticeably irritated with Toshu and this comes to the attention of Barkha and Ankush. Leela scolds Little Anu quite badly for a mistake she didn’t make. Toshu drops his phone as the family circle around the baby and dance, Anupamaa picks up the phone and overhears a voice message from a woman asking Toshu to meet in a hotel room. Keep reading this article to know more. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Anuj apologises to Anupamaa after snapping at her

Both families have a blast during the naming ceremony of Kinjal’s baby

Anupamaa and Anuj discuss whether to postpone the naming ceremony, keeping in mind Anuj’s health. Anuj told Anupamaa that she needn’t fret and that he is quite happy being here with family. Barkha taunts Anupamaa asking her to fulfil her grandmotherly role and leave the care for Anuj to them. Anupamaa retorts that when she’s around Anuj, there is no need for their help, care or concern.

Just then Meenu drops a flower thali, nearly hitting the baby girl. Leela, assuming it was Little Anu, scolds her badly in front of the family, even going as far as to say that her parents are to be blamed. Meenu comes forward and reveals the truth. To this, Leela wracked with guilt, apologises profusely to little Anu. They both hug Leela, and the celebration continues.

Anupamaa overhears a message from a woman to Paritosh and confronts him

The Shahs and Kapadias sing and dance for a bit, and finally the naming ceremony begins. Many members suggest a variety of names, but the family finally settles on Anupamaa and Vanraj’s choice of Aarya. They all perform the ritual and formally name the child Aarya. As they perform the garbha, Toshu drops his phone, which Anupamaa picks up. She keeps it on the side and overhears a message from a woman to Toshu. The woman states that it’s only been 3 days and that she missed him and wished to see him. Anupamaa in a state of being confused, shocked and angry drags Toshu away from the family with some excuse only to confront him with these statements. Toshu is unable to respond.

In the next episode, Paritosh continually justifies his actions to Anupamaa, and she responds by saying that he has stooped so low, that a different Anupamaa will speak to him. Keep reading HT highlights to find out more about the upcoming updates of Anupamaa.

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